If you find yourself in the Quepos area of Costa Rica or perhaps you are venturing out to the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, a lovely place to visit is Marina Pez Vela. It is a newly developed area on the coast of Quepos that greatly stands out given its modern and polished appearance. In contrast to the simple and unkempt appearance of the small town of Quepos, Marina Pez Vela looks like something you would find in one of California’s posh beach towns. Its white architecture, cleanliness, and manicured grounds were a pleasant surprise to run into as part of our trip to Quepos.

You can choose to visit Marina Pez Vela as part of a brief walk-through, or spend a few hours there grabbing a meal, or even make a whole day of it and enjoy the relaxing and picturesque atmosphere that it offers.


With regards to dining options, there are several restaurants that feature different kinds of cuisines and range from quick and informal dining to more upscale choices with breezy patios and beautiful views.

The best part is that there are vegan plant-based choices easily available, which was another pleasant and unexpected surprise for this small town.

We enjoyed lunch at the Falafel Bar, which provided a good selection of typical Mediterranean options, like various salads, falafel, and hummus.

And then, after relaxing and walking around a bit, we discovered yet another treat, which was local and organic vegan ice cream at Sunrice, Sushi, Omusubis y mas, who also offer vegan plant-based meal choices.

As expected, the ice cream was on the pricier side, but still worth it and very tasty, and it is always a pleasure to support establishments that provide such healthy, sustainable, and ethically-conscious products.

Shopping & Excursions

There are a few pretty boutiques in the marina, mostly focused on clothing and gift items.

There are also a few tour operator shops that provide various water excursions and packages on a variety of boats to choose from.


We ended up spending several hours here between walking, relaxing, and eating and it made for a very enjoyable and memorable day.